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Our week in year three…

It has been a busy week in year three. We have completed assessments in maths, reading, spelling and grammar and punctuation. The children have all done amazingly well, their scores are a reflection of the hard work and effort they have been putting in all year.

Our mornings may have been full of calculations and full stops, but our afternoons have been overflowing with science experiments and rain-forest art.

In Science on Tuesday we conducted an investigation to find out which seed travelled the furthest using the wind. We modified our seed spinners by changing the size, weight or shape, We concluded that the lighter the seed is, the further they will travel on the wind.


On Wednesday we completed paintings of rain-forest animals. We used cardboard as our background which enabled us to add texture by removing its top layer. Take a look at some of our creations.

Finally, after learning about the many different tribes of people living  within the Amazon rain-forest, we drew self-portraits and made a few changes to represent different Amazon communities.

For homework this week, I would like the children to create a poster promoting awareness of why we all need to reduce our use of single use plastic and encourage people to recycle more. Posters should be returned to school on Monday.

Happy weekend!