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Our Week in Year 5…

Welcome back to our Year 5 class blog. It is a great opportunity to discover some of the things we have been learning recently, together with the odd reminder about the following week at school.

This week, in English, we discovered our new story that will be the context for our writing lessons for the next few weeks – Farther by Grahame Baker-Smith. Whilst we are yet to discover the plot in full, we now know (after unwrapping it – see picture) that it has a link to the War Years, which will also be our Learning Challenge topic for the Autumn Term. We discovered a mysterious bag that had been left in our classroom, which contained several items linked to the story. The children had some very creative ideas about what the links might be!

In maths, we have been looking at place value within 5-digit whole numbers and have started to compare numbers of this size. We have therefore had lots of discussions about the ‘Ten Thousands’ column and its relevance to maths this year. We have also realised that it is nothing to worry about and simply builds on the work that we have already completed in Year 4.

On Friday we visited church for the first time this academic year. It is always a pleasure to have our assemblies and services at St John’s; every time we arrive, I see the awe on pupils’ faces – it truly is a special place to reflect, pray and celebrate our achievements.

Homework this week is the first set of spellings for the year and also a word class challenge, which is something the children need a little practice at!

See you all on Monday.

Mr Lee

PS – for bonus House Points, write down on a piece of paper which class the word ‘celebrate’ belongs to (eg ‘It is a noun. / It is an adverb.’)