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Our First Week in October!

Hello and welcome back to the Year 5 blog.

The week began with a day off school for the children and from what I heard, they all had a wonderful time!

So, the school week finally got off to a super start on Tuesday and it really has been such a busy week, full of learning and fun.

In English, the children have made excellent progress in the planning of their very own World War One-themed setting description, inspired by our book, Farther. Already I have been very impressed by their ideas, with many children being ambitious and planning to include such features as metaphors, personification and parenthesis, in order to interest their reading audience. I cannot wait to read their final pieces.

In maths, we have prepared to begin our next focus, which is mental and written addition and subtraction of up to 6-digit numbers. The children have worked very hard this week, fine-tuning skills like rounding and ordering and considering how these skills are needed when used and applied in real-life situations. This has been great to see, since maths is a part of everyday life and not simply confined to the classroom in school.

As part of our learning of The War Years in our topic, I have been delighted to see that pupils (see photo) are continuing to link the topic to their own lives. This week, we have seen medals, letters and books all about both WW1 and WW2. I have even had a lovely chat with a grandparent who is also hoping to send some photos and information in for us to look at soon. Amazing effort, amazing interest, amazing learning – well done everyone.

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week,

Mr Lee