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One in a million!


Welcome Back!

After a week away, the children have hit the books in style this week, learning so much in what has seemed like a very action-packed five days.

In English, we have started the process of writing a longer and more detailed WW1-style letter from the trenches. The children have considered the most appropriate language and structure to use in order to best convey the feelings of the character in question, a dad who has been sent to the battlefield at the start of the war. We looked closely at the actual layout of trenches at the time and the very difficult conditions which soldiers had to manage in. Next week, we are going to look at more photos from WW1 which have been edited to make them in colour, which brings them to life so well.

In maths, we have been Tweeting (see photo), rounding and calculating numbers all the way to 1,000,000 and have also looked in more detail at minus (negative) numbers. Roman numerals have come up again too and overall the children have impressed me with the skills they have developed this week.

Today, our Year 5 and 6 boys’ football team went to St Martin’s Academy to play against both St Martin’s and Delamere Academy. As well as returning rather muddy, they brought with them news that they had had a wonderful afternoon, including a 3-3 draw with Delamere – something of which they should be very proud.

All the best for a (hopefully) dry weekend!

Mr Lee

PS – Bonus points for answering this: What were the three types of triangle we used this week to make our lanterns?