Night-time explorers

This week Reception have been observing the changes in their environment, noticing how the evenings are darker earlier. The children learned the vocabulary nocturnal and diurnal when learning about animals that are awake at night and in the day. The children classified the animals, estimated how many there were and grouped them in to to two groups finding the total by adding and considered what activities the children do in night and day. The children have also learned about Van Gough’s Starry Night and created their own masterpieces.

In Literacy the children have been develop their super sentence skills by word building before creating their own sentences. In Guided Reading the children have completed their comprehension and in phonics have started reading and writing ditties, well done Reception. Please encourage your child to read every night, including bedtime stories read by you, it is very important in developing their reading skills as well as a love of reading, please record any reading in their diary.

In PE the children developed their multi-skills, swimming has proved to be a hit with every child confidently getting in the water, the team are so proud of you and RE has seen the children develop their understanding of the church.

Well done Reception, a brilliant week.