Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Musical plastic was fantastic!



This week we have been working with long multiplication the children have worked very hard and helped each other until all had used the method solving problems. Later in the week we have explored decimal numbers, first using the greater than and less than sign to identify the largest number. We then wrote the decimal numbers as written in words.


Letters have now been completed both formal, one to Mrs Price regarding lunch time in Grosvenor Park C of E Academy. The second letter has been written to Mr Matheson MP regarding the plastic issue in the world today, the children have given their thought on plastic pollution and also made suggestions on how Mr Matheson MP could improve this in Chester.

Religious Studies

We have reflected on a variety of Bible passages that help Christians understand the old and new covenant made between God and humans. We thought about; what is a promise? Have you ever made a promise with someone? What did he/she promise? What did you promise? Did you keep it?

We also located where is the promise in the story of Noah? Genesis 6:9 – 9:17.

Topic/ Music/Science

This week we have been thinking of what the effects of plastic pollution has on the earth. Creating mood boards, locating countries on a map and composing recycling songs. During our creative session the children were given one tuned instrument per group, they could also use voices and percussion. We now started to record our compositions on manuscript paper.

 Home work this week

  • Long multiplication Gym practise 3 digit by 2digit
  • Year 5 spelling and handwriting practise 9Year 5/6 statutory word list

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Foulkes