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Money, Money, Money in Reception!


This week in Maths, Reception Class have been learning all about money.  They have begun to learn the value of coins and to compare and order them according to value. On Friday the children got to buy their snack in Miss Corbett’s shop. They had to calculate the amount they wanted to spend before finding the correct coins to buy their chosen food and drink. Miss Corbett’s shop didn’t give any change!

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, the children discussed the meaning behind the special day before trying their own pancakes for snack. The staff were really impressed with how many children tried a pancake even if they weren’t keen at first. The following day, the children used their fantastic phonic knowledge to write a list of ingredients to make pancakes. As a class, the children created a call and repeat song all about making pancakes. First of all, they just used body percussion to make the sounds to go with their song but soon improved it by adding instruments.

On Thursday, the classroom wasn’t filled with Reception children, instead it was filled with Paddington Bear, Princess Poppy, Elmer, The Highway Rat and so many more fantastic story book characters! Thank you for all the effort you put into the children’s fabulous costumes for World Book Day. The children enjoyed sharing stories they had brought into school; some children were so excited about sharing their story they couldn’t help but reveal the end! As ‘Supertato’ was teaching, the children had great fun creating their own super vegetables. They helped defend the classroom from ‘The Evil Pea’.

For homework this week, the children have been given a handwriting sheet focussed on the letter ‘k’ and a Maths activity involving identifying and ordering coins. If your child is struggling to identify all the coins please focus on the first four coins 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p. Homework books should be returned to school by Wednesday 13th so they can be marked and the new homework added. Thank you for your support with homework it is greatly appreciated.

We are looking forward to sharing the children’s fantastic achievements with you at parents evening next week.


Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Class Team