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Maths, Science, History – unraveling the magical mystery!

This half term has started how the previous one ended – at a hundred miles per hour!

It has been such an exciting week, with so many surprises and fun activities, all rounded off with a brilliant, yet slightly soggy, trip to Liverpool.

We began the week by planning our new topic ‘Transportation Exploration!’. We discussed what aspects of transport and travel we would like to learn about and which ones we would complete as a class or independently. We made a spider diagram of all our ideas and are very excited to start learning about our new topic.

We then did some drawings of plane, trains and cars with chalk and brushed them to make it looked like they were travelling really fast.

We were very lucky to have the English Touring Opera visit school and perform ‘Laika the Space Dog’. The performance was very interactive and full of interesting facts about space and history.

We are carrying on with our science topic of materials. We carried out an investigation to see what material would be best to make a skate park. We decided to use small toy cars on a variety of materials and see how far they would travel. We made sure it was a fair test by keeping the car and the force we used to move the car the same. We then put our results into a table and decided which material was best. We then came together as a class to decide which was best and create a scientific conclusion.

With Remembrance Day coming soon, we wanted to make a special effort and create a poppy wreath. We spent some time making individual poppies and then attached them to a wreath. I think you will agree, it looks wonderful! We have been learning about why we use poppies and how we need to show respect to those servicemen and women who have sacrificed to keep us safe.

Thursday was our fantastic trip to Liverpool. We first went to the Beatles Story, where we got to take part in different activities all about the 1960s and the Beatles. After lunch, we walked to the ferry, but Miss Mercer and Mr Sparks decided it was too cold and rainy to go on the ferry, so we went into the Liverpool Museum, where we learned all about Liverpool through time. It was a great trip and the children were given many compliments about their behaviour and how well presented they were.



And here’s one for giggles…