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Maths games make us smile…

During maths this week we having learning how to add two four digit numbers together, using many different methods to solve these problems. We have been practicing using the formal methods (column addition). Also we learnt to make our numbers using place value discs and represent it using bar models.

During English this week we have been comparing different setting descriptions and the strengths, weaknesses, things that confused us and any patterns between them. As well as that, we have been finding different features in our writing (personification, show not tell, simile and metaphors) and we will be trying to use these in our writing next week, when we start to write our own setting description.

In science we created our own adventurous story about a cheese sandwich, going through the digestive system and using the scientific language to recap the things we have learnt.

In our learning challenge this week, we have been writing our diary entry for Captain James Cook about his first voyage to Australia and how HMS endeavour almost was shipped wrecked on the Great Barrier Reef. After surviving that him and his crew finding the indigenous people of Australia.

We had a visit from a year 5 pupil who shared the story of her Great Granddads medals, she was joined by her sister they spoke very eloquently and the class listen to every word.

Homework this week is a SumDog competition which we are aiming to have the best class.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Foulkes and Mr Rimmer