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Marvellous Musicians

In Reception class this week the children have continued to explore the text Giraffes Can’t Dance, discussing how we are all unique and each of us have special talents. The children shared what they are good at and next week will think about their wishes for the year. The budding actors within Reception also enjoyed bringing the story alive, acting out the story as it was read aloud, a wonderful performance and a great way for the children to demonstrate their recall of the story.

They have also rescued animals, making sure they were safe in their pens by counting the amount of animals and matching it to the corresponding number.

The children have continued to amaze the team with their efforts in phonics, learning t (across the tower, down the tower), d (around the dinosaurs bottom up to his head and down to his feet), i (down the insects body and a dot for his head) and n (down Nobby and over his net). They have loved playing a range of games to consolidate their learning and have been applying mark-making in their child-initiated activities.

Reception have thrived in their music lessons with Mr Benson and have loved having the opportunity to learn in the music room.

The children also enjoyed some quality time with their buddy this week and practised a range of games and throwing and catching with Miss Valentine.

A great week of learning, well done.

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