Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Making well rounded numbers


This week in Year 4 we have been rounding numbers to the nearest thousand and comparing 4-digit numbers. We have found how far European capitals are from Chester and calculated which are the closest and furthest by comparing the numbers using our place value knowledge. In English, we have planned our setting description of a scary walk through the woods. To help us with this, we have been talking about synonyms of words, the varying strength of those words and which would be most appropriate for creating a particular atmosphere. We have some scary stories coming!

In Science, we have learned more about habitats and how certain animals have adapted to survive in their environment. Did you know that a camel has long eyelashes to protect their eyes from the sand and thick eyebrows to protect their eyes from the hot desert sun? We have also been learning about The Sword in the Stone and other legends. We talked about how some legends are made to make certain people (in this case, the King) look better, to get people to visit the area or a story that has been mistold over time.