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Love of learning!

Year 1 have really impressed me this week. I have seen some amazing learning taking place. Children are so enthusiastic and eager to learn in Year 1. They are listening attentively in all lessons and willing to persevere with challenging tasks. Some children have asked me if they can stay in at lunchtimes to do more work! Some children are bringing in extra work they have completed at home. Fantastic!


Literacy- We have enjoyed some guided reading sessions this week where we have discussed the characters and key words in a text. The children have been able to write down the answers to given questions relating to the text, assessing their comprehension skills. In phonics we have focused on the ‘ee’ sound. The children have written sentences using their checklists making sure they are using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and the correct letter formation. It has been pleasing to see children trying to use Year 1 common exception words in their writing.

Enya ” I like writing now because I find it easier to spell. I need to remember my capital letters!’


Maths- We have been finding the number one more and one less than a given number up to 50, recognising numbers represented as objects, pictures or on a number line and have enjoyed playing lots of counting games. The children have also been comparing numbers using number lines.

Hanna “I love Maths because it is fun!’


We have been working very hard to learn the lyrics to our Harvest song. All children will be singing  the chorus of the song. The children have been split into three groups and each group will sing a separate verse. Please could you encourage your child to learn their verse for the Harvest song. (See below)


Verse 1: Tom, Raef, Emilia, Sadie, Enya, Mason, Tyler, Jayklin.

Verse 2: Ethan, Luis, Rose, Harry, Mckayla, Elle-Ann, Hanna, Owain, Godwin.

Verse 3: Muhannad, Mayar, Noah, Anyah, Lyra, Dylan, Oscar, Hattie.



Cauliflowers Fluffy and cabbages green
Strawberries are sweeter than any I’ve seen
Beetroots purple and onions white
All grow steadily day and night


The apples are ripe and the plums are red
The broadbeans are sleeping in their blankety bed


Blackberries juicy and rhubards sour
Marrows fattening hour by hour
Gooseberries hairy and lettuces fat
Radishes round and runner beans flat


The apples are ripe and the plums are red
The broadbeans are sleeping in their blankety bed


Orangey carrots and turnips cream
Reddening tomatoes that used to be green
Brown potatoes in little heaps
Down in the darkness where the celery sleeps


The apples are ripe and the plums are red
The broadbeans are sleeping in their blankety bed


The children have started to tie-dye their T-shirts! They look fantastic! They have also started to make their musical instruments using plastic bottles, tins,  paper and cardboard and have been creating pictures linked to the Parable of The Two Builders.


Oscar “This week I have enjoyed Tie-dying my T-shirt because I loved seeing all the bright colours. My T-shirt is mostly blue”.


Today we have been talking ‘PANTS’ to stay safe. The children have been learning the PANTS rules, naming body parts and understanding that they have the right to say ‘no’.  A team member at the NSPCC visited us today and the children asked very sensible questions.


Thank you for all your hard work this week Year 1. You have been a pleasure to teach.


Have a wonderful weekend!



  • 1960s workshop Wednesday 23rd October
  • 1960s Hair styling Thursday 24th October
  • Wednesdays after half -term-Forest School. Children will need to come to school in suitable clothing for outdoor activities e.g. trainers, tracksuits, jogging bottoms, leggings, hats, waterproof coats etc. Please could children bring in their school uniform to change into in the afternoon.
  • Beatles trip-Thursday 7th November


The Year 1 team