Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Little Superheroes!

Reception have ended the half term on a high as they completed their Superhero training! They are all official Superheroes after sneaking around the school to look for villains, navigating through the lasers, balancing on the bridge and breaking a brick wall to save the day! They all looked amazing in their Superhero costumes and used amazing detective skills when we received a letter in the afternoon. Loki had stolen the cape and the hammer and left them at our school. He told us in the letter that he was jealous of Thor and Superman. So the children, using their compassion, decided to design gadgets for Loki to use. They really showed how being a Superhero isn’t just about saving the day but also being able to help everyone no matter who they are when they have a problem. Well done little Superheroes we are so proud!