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Lest We Forget

Remembrance and poppies has been an important part of our learning this week, the children learned about Armistice day and why the poppy is an important symbol for remembrance. The children practised counting accurately to 20 by ordering numbered poppies and counting out objects to match the number given. The children also learned how to sketch poppies and use watercolours  as well as creating crosses which are proudly displayed in our reflection area.

In Literacy the children created a fantastic shared write on instructions of how to make bonfire apples and played games to understand ‘bossy words’ – verbs. The children applied their phonic knowledge to write a list of ingredients and write a descriptive sentence about their bonfire apple.

The children have also enjoyed sharing the story Lost and Found, discussing how the characters felt at different parts of the story.  They discussed whether it was a mistake for the boy to have taken the penguin back to the South Pole and related this to their own experiences of making mistakes as well as how to recognise when someone is feeling lonely and what we can do to help. They used their imagination to create transport using lego for the boy and the penguin to travel from the South Pole. The children have also completed circle time activities in recognition of anti-bullying week.

Friday also saw the children learning how Children in Need supports children less fortunate, thank you to all of you that joined in wearing something spotty.

A wonderful week of learning, well done Reception!

The EYFS Team

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