Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Kyle Crocodile Likes Big Numbers

This week, Year Two got to meet Kyle Crocodile, the number eating croc. Kyle will only eat big numbers and if he has the choice of two numbers, he will always go for the bigger number. Year Two have been learning about how compare numbers using maths language like ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’. Mr. Sparks has been so impressed with how well they have done with all this work.

In English this week, Year Two have been using their senses to to describe a scene. They have thought about what they could see, smell, hear, taste and touch and have used some fantastic adjectives to describe a picture. Some of the vocabulary that Year Two has used has been astounding, incredible, stupendous!

Year Two were lucky enough to go to Queen’s Park High School this week to use their excellent facilities for a P.E. lesson. The class had use of one of their large sports halls and equipment. They did some gymnastics, focussing on movements and holds. As we had a little time at the end of the lesson, Mr. Sparks let the class run and jump onto the giant crash mat!

In topic, Year Two have been learning about sporting stars and events from the 1960s. They got to watch some highlights of the 1966 World Cup Final. The class were living every moment as if they were there in Wembley stadium! We have also learned about Muhammad Ali and some of his taunting poetry. The class even came up with a poem of their own:

I flash like lightening,

I’m so strong, it’s frightening.

I killed a rock,

I gave electricity a shock.

I am very tough,

You will feel very rough.

Muhammad Ali is so fast,

You won’t even see his attack.

I’m sure Muhammad Ali would be very proud!

It has been a fun week in Year Two and next week is going to be even better! We are going to transport the class back to the 1960s by making tie-dye t-shirts, styling their hair and learning some 1960s music.