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Jet-setting pupils are served an authentic taste of Chinese culture

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Seven pupils and two teachers experienced a once-in-a-lifetime trip to China, which saw them experience a different culture and build links with a primary school in Qingdao.

The group packed sightseeing in Beijing, travelling aboard the Bullet train, learning Mandarin and sampling authentic local food into an unforgettable week abroad.

As part of a rich and varied learning journey, they were there to establish a relationship with Qingdao Xushui Road Primary School, which will see a delegation from China visit Chester in July.

Teacher Charlotte Gill, who was part of the travelling party, said it was an ‘amazing experience’.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about a different culture first hand,” she said.

“They had opportunities that are not normally available to primary school children.

“They took part in lessons in a different country, saw how other people live, learned about the history and culture of China, tried new foods and used chopsticks for a whole week!”

The school worked with Access China UK to make a connection with the primary school in Qingdao, which is a port city in China’s eastern Shandong province.

Designed to encourage pupils to become global citizens and help teachers share good practice, the trip got underway with two days in Beijing, which featured visits to the Forbidden Palace, Summer Palace and Tiananmen Square.

A speedy trip aboard the famous Bullet train saw them zip across the 416 miles to Qingdao in no time, where they attended the primary school for four days.

There, they took part in maths, music, art and PE lessons alongside Chinese pupils. The group enjoyed a home visit, learned some of the language and taught English to the local children.

And the whole time the group ate authentic Chinese food, including deep-fried starfish, dumplings and local seafood.

Plans are now being finalised for the visit of a contingent from China next summer.