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Is It a Bird? Is it a Plane? No It’s Supertato!

Reception class have had a jam-packed, action-filled supertastic week this week! It all started with an unexpected discovery – they found vegetables had been targeted, carrots taped to the conveyor belt, broccoli with a face drawn on and a poor, innocent cucumber tied up. Why had this happened and who could have done it? The superheroes in Reception had a mission to find out who could cause such a catastrophe. They identified the clues and predicted who may be the culprit. In literacy the children wrote descriptions on wanted posters as to who the suspect could be.

Low and behold but who should visit school the very next day, Supertato and Evil Pea! Supertato needed more superhero support to defeat the Evil Pea and so superhero school started! The children or should I say superheroes completed superhero training to test their flying skills, designed superhero capes and of course a mask to protect their alter ego!

In maths the children were set the challenge to rescue something hidden in a locked treasure box, an item that Loki had stolen from Thor. They were set the task to work out all the ways to make 10 (number bonds to 10) using numicon so they could identify which key would open the lock. To their amazement Thor’s hammer was inside, hooray for Grosvenor Park Superheroes!

The artists in Reception have used their knowledge of fruit and vegetables to design a digital portrait in the style of Guiseppe Archimboldo, who is known for painting portraits using fruit to create features. The children really enjoyed challenging themselves to use a search engine, take a photograph and use editing techniques in Piccollage.

An amazing week of learning, such fun!

We look forward to the adventures of Supertato next week.

The EYFS Team

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