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Inventive Writing: Ocean Diving

This half term has been an unusual one! Coming back after almost 12 weeks of online learning was crazy, but the children of Year 4 have done so well and have been able to adapt to our changing situation with relative ease.

We have written some fantastic invention narratives where we have travelled to space, the deep sea, different galaxies and even into the past through the children’s brilliant writing. We have been able to use some incredible writing techniques, such as: inside:outside sentences, personification, similes and fronted adverbials. Each have made the children’s writing so expressive and detailed.

In Maths we have been learning about fractions and decimals and how to convert between the two. The children have been able to use all the resources in class to help them do this and have shown themselves to be very capable.

We have been learning about the oceans, sea, lakes, rivers and water of the world. We have been able to learn about the water cycle, how dams are built and what they do, natural disasters to do with water and how to be safe during one, how lakes are made and listing the largest lakes in the world along with recognising the oceans and seas of the world.

In science, we have been learning about sound and how it gets from my voice to your ear through sound waves. we have conducted a number of experiments to see how sound works, how to best block sound and what pitch does to the way we hear sound.

Year 5 saw the arrival of 8 chicks, so we couldn’t resist the urge to go see them. Each child got to hold a chick and have picture with them.

To finish the term, the class was split into groups and each member of the class performed a part of the Easter story which we made into a short film. The children wrote, produced and directed their film. Below is the final product.


It has been an interesting half term to say the least and we are all looking forward to a little break, but there is lots of fun to come in the summer term, so watch this space!