Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

In year five this week, we have…

… completed a piece of writing detailing a trip to space. We imagined that we were astronauts, stepping onto the powdery, pockmarked lunar surface for the first time. To help our reader imagine that they were there too, we used expanded noun phrases, technical vocabulary and thoughtful adjectives. It was out of this world!

In science we created a detailed diagram of the phases of the moon using one of our favorite snacks, Oreo biscuits! We learnt how the moon appears to change shape during its orbit of the earth and how good the creamy filling in an Oreo biscuit tastes when you lick it off!

We also ventured out into Grosvenor Park this week to see the archaeological dig. We found out lots of interesting facts about some of the artifacts they have found including animal bones, pieces of pottery and a small amethyst stone with an engraving of the Roman god Mercury!

This blog was brought to you by George and Anya. Have a nice weekend!