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In year 5 this week…

This week’s blog has been written by Jonah and Mahar

Good afternoon, Grosvenor Park!

This week in Year 5, we have been doing many assessments and have finished all of them for the rest of the year (well, until September)!

In Science, we made electrical circuits and communicated with each other by using a light/buzzer: it’s called Morse code (a series of dots and dashes sequenced to make an alphabet – you might have heard of it before?). We sent not-so-secret messages to each other via frequencies of light or sound.

In Maths, (as well as completing tests) we subtracted decimals from larger decimals using column subtraction (making sure to put the decimal point in the right place!), and added place holders when needed to make it easier to calculate. We also borrowed from other numbers to get the correct answer.

In English, we formed a word bank for one of the characters in our book King Kong, using the word ‘determined’ to describe him. We used thesauruses to find synonyms to use in future writing.

In Music, we wrote an appraisal about the themes of King Kong (1933) and Kong: Skull Island (2017). We wrote about how it made us feel and the features of the music (tempo, dynamics, etc.).

Tuesday afternoon was a Euro 2021 (a European country football tournament) afternoon; we researched a certain country – Denmark – and designed a football kit for them! We even made delicious Danish pastries!