Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

In a galaxy far, far away…

This week Year One have done Maths, English, Science, Reading, Writing and other stuff.




Year One were blasted off to space this week as we visited the Spaceport in Wallasey. We watched a planetarium video all about the solar system and hear all about Tim Peake’s experiences aboard the International Space Station. We then explored a glow in the dark room with interactive features where we could learn all about space, the planets and the sun. Then, the brilliant staff at the Spaceport put on a rocket show for us and let us launch our own rockets. (Miss Bryan lots hers somewhere in the atmosphere!)

After lunch, we were treated to a trip aboard one of the most iconic boats in the world, the Mersey Ferry. We travelled from Seacombe across to Liverpool and back. We got to see Liverpool from the river and talk about all the famous landmarks. Luckily, no one was sea sick!

Once we returned to the Spaceport, we were put on a rollercoaster simulator which blasted us into space. We had to fight off some aliens along the way. I think they were just terrified of Mr. Sparks’ screaming! We then got to explore the rest of the museum and the special Star Wars collection.

It was a really fun day!


Next week…

Staying on planet Earth.