Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

How are you measuring up? In cm Sir!

Year 1 have been measuring everything this week. Books, tables, each other and even the building! We have been practising measuring with a ruler and a measuring tape, all in centimetres. Year 1 have become really confident in measuring and can even go into metres! We measured each others height to see who was the tallest in class and then got everyone to stand in order to check whether we were right. One or two had to move around, but in general, Year 1 measured up very well!

One of the highlights of the week was going on the Brake Kids Walk. The ENTIRE school walked two and a half miles around Chester to learn about road safety. They learned about crossing the road safely, how to be safe on the pavement and where it was sensible to walk. Everyone really enjoyed the walk and no on complained about how far it was (although I’m sure there were some sleepy children that evening!)

Our witch came back to visit us this week and cast a spell, locking us all in the classroom. Year 1 had to find the clues hidden around the room to figure out a code that would let us leave. There were lots of tricky puzzles and problems, but luckily Year 1 are very clever and solved the problems, which was good as Mr. Sparks was becoming claustrophobic!

We also had a wonderful visit from Bethan Woollvin, the author of the book that we are reading at the moment, ‘Rapunzel’. Bethan showed the children how she creates her books and even gave a lesson on how to draw her characters. It was so interesting!