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Hot Days Need Cool Juice

Welcome back to the Year 4 blog everyone!

This week, in English, we have been considering our new text, called The Journey by Francesca Sanna. The serious yet gripping theme (refugees) has so far been absolutely fascinating for all of us and has inspired so many interesting questions. I was also able to reflect on a boy I taught a few years ago who was a refugee and who came to my class knowing no English whatsoever. His family had been on an enormous physical and emotional journey themselves and our discussions of this brought the plight of the family in our own text to life even more. I have been, overall, very impressed with the enthusiasm that the children have shown for this new book already.

In maths, we have been bringing fractions to life (thanks you two in the photo!) by using our addition and subtraction skills for purposes beyond the classroom. In one lesson, we calculated the correct fractions of different cups that were needed in order to mix our very own summer juice recipes. And then…we sipped/gulped them down to enjoy our finished products. ‘Fizzy Ginger’ went down particularly well with some children, but, ahem, not all!!

In science, we have considered the amazing phenomenon that is the water cycle and how it links to the changes in states of matter, eg when liquid water in the sea is evaporated by the sun and condenses into clouds. More on this next week; for now – House Points for anyone who can tell me the answer to this question: what is the scientific word that describes the process of ‘raining’?

See you tomorrow at the fair,

Mr Lee