Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Hopping Mad!

This week in Year 1…


We have been making tally charts about our class mates favourite colours, animals, food and sports. We have been using tables and making sure we set them out correctly.


This week we have been writing letters from the top of Mount Everest and talking about what it takes to be an explorer. We talked about the harsh environment at the top of Mount Everest and even tried to measure how tall it was compared to our school corridor.



We have been learning the names of animals in French. Chien, chat, poisson and cheval!


We have been learning about objects that sink and float. In our groups, we picked four objects and made a prediction about whether they would sink or float. We then went into our science room and carried out our experiment. We were surprised by a few! Mr. Sparks then showed us some objects and we made predictions. We tried an orange with and without a peel, tin foil flat and wrapped up and a sponge.


We have travelled to a different planet this week and have been talking all about alien words. At first they were a little weird, but because we know our phonics sounds, we were able to read them! Meep moop mop!


We had great fun celebrating Easter this week. We learned about the Easter story, had great fun at the Easter Bunny Hop and sang at St. John’s church in our school Easter service.

Next week…

Next week were travelling across the oceans. We are going to meet Christopher Columbus, learn the names of the oceans and see if our character is brave enough to make the journey.