Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Have a wonderful Summer holiday!

Myself and Mrs Bargery would like to thank you for all your support this year. We have loved teaching your children and have enjoyed watching them grow. They have all worked extremely hard this year and are now ready for life in Key Stage 2. The children would like to share their thoughts about the year with you:


Sofia “My favourite time in year 2 was when we went for a sleepover at the Grosvenor museum”.

Joel “I have loved being in Year 2 with my friends. My favourite time was when we did SATs”.

Lexie “I liked it when planted seeds and made caterpillar plant pots”.

George “I loved Year 2. I have made new friends and my teachers have been kind and helpful”.

Nadia “I have loved Maths this year because it has been fun!”

Carmen “I have loved Literacy because I love writing. I have learnt lots this year”.

Simone “My favourite time was when we did Maths tests because they were easy”.

Jasper ” My favourite time was the whole year because it has been really calm and fun. I did love the Summer Nights show!”

Poppy”I have loved Year 2 because the shows were really fun. Music is my favourite subject”.

Alex ” I am going to miss Mrs Bargery because she has helped me with my work this year”.

Lydia” I feel like I have improved my literacy in Year 2. I love writing now”.

Joseph” I feel like I have improved my handwriting this year. My favourite subject is Maths and I love tests”.

Riley “I liked Year 2 because I have worked on the ipads”.

Antoni ” I have loved Year 2 because Maths has been fun and interesting. I also have enjoyed the singing with Miss Mercer”.

Aphra “I loved Year 2 because I have enjoyed Miss Mercer teaching us. She is amazing at teaching!”‘

Cerys “I think I have improved my literacy because at the start of the year I never used to write much”.

Bobby “My favourite time was when we had Science week because I love Science. It makes me feel like asking lots of questions”.

Harvey “I loved the Maths tests because I am really good at adding and subtracting”.

Abi “Year 2 has been fun. I have enjoyed recorder and singing lessons with Miss Mercer”.

Bailey ” I have enjoyed Year 2 because we have performed shows and it has been extremely fun”.

Tommy “I liked Year 2 because we did my favourite subject…art. I liked creating the African landscape”.

Mattie ” I liked it when we went to the Museum for a sleepover and I liked the pizza from La Fattoria!”.

Ellis “I have gained confidence this year and I will really miss being in Year 2″.

Anna ” I loved the topic ‘The Dragon Machine” because I found the text and the illustrations fascinating!”.

Anita ” My favourite thing this year were the teachers. They have helped me to spell tricky words and I can do so much more now!”.

Emily A “I am going to Miss Miss Mercer and Mrs Bargery next year. I have learnt so much and I have been really interested in the topics we have covered. I have loved learning new songs and putting actions to songs with Miss Mercer”.


Have a wonderful Summer holiday!