Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Happy Half-Term!

This week has been assessment week at Grosvenor Park  and we have been so proud of the way the Year 1 children have applied themselves in class. They have all shown resilience and determination. The children should feel very proud of themselves as they have all made lots of progress with their reading, writing and Maths.

The highlight of our week was a wonderful Music lesson with Mr Benson. The children were extremely excited to go into the Music room and explore sounds using a variety of percussion instruments. They have learnt how to make quiet and loud (piano and forte) sounds and how to use the instruments correctly. The children also enjoyed appraising music linked to well-known Fairy Tales.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support this term and would like to wish you all a very happy, safe and peaceful half-term.