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Greek gods and running Brits

This week in Year 4 has been filled with learning about the adventures and personalities of the Greek gods. The class were able to pick a god they would like to learn about and do some research. This research was then presented to the class in a god fact file and our own (limited edition) Top Trump cards – which will be soon ready to do battle!

On Friday, the class took part in the Mile Challenge in Grosvenor Park to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Mr. Sparks was so impressed by their enthusiasm and running ability – they all made him very proud. A special mention must go to Anna, who made sure Mr. Sparks was exhausted by the end, running just under half a mile in 2:48. Incredible!

As part of a whole school project to learn about famous British athletes, Year 4 researched the life and achievements of the great Sir Mo Farah. They found out about his exploits on Super Saturday in London 2012, his record breaking one hour run and about his personal life. Next, we created a physical timeline in class to show Sir Mo’s life. We then sketch the Olympian. It was wonderful learning all about one of Britain’s greatest athletes.