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Googletastic Classroom for Year 4

Firstly, I have heard that some of our year 4 community have had some sad news, worrying concerns or feeling extremely anxious. If anyone  would like to just have a chat, or just to hear a different voice please email me and I will contact you. My thought are with you all at this difficult time.

I hope your well, and taking in a little restful time in the sunshine. This week has seen the launch of google classroom, after a few technical issues we seem to be fully functioning in year 4. The children have been able to message me online and it has been a delight to hear from them. The children are all sending completed work in different ways but that’s fine. (Do what you can) Message me, or email if you would like any help.


This week we have been writing a narrative with the intention of entering the NWAT 500 word story competition. The children have been building ideas from a picture. The picture showing a palace, and hot air balloons gave some fantastic ideas. From sweet factories to it being a heavenly place. They was instructed they must use fronted adverbials, adverbials of time and rhetorical question. I have been able to read all of the children ideas via our google classroom and comment on their work. We have until the 1st May to edit and improve.


I have continued with learning in year 4, I am pleased to advise that next weeks lessons will be accompanied by exoplanetary videos for your lessons. This week has been on decimals – making a whole, comparing, ordering, rounding and then looking at halves and quarters.

Religious Education

The children have read the story of the ‘Great Catch of Fish’ Luke 5:1-11 Jesus Calls His First Disciples. They have also revisited their learning of the ten commandments from year 3. They have then translated this into a craft activity.


Year 4 will now be learning about the Romans, this will include design technology actives, art and music.


We will start with sound, how this travels. How the ear works, and how we receive sound. The children will be set lots of practical investigation tasks. We will then move to investigate light.

Stay home stay safe

Mrs Foulkes (I miss you all)