Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Going back in time

This week, Year Two got to travel back in time by looking at some things from the 1960s. They got to hold a camera, vinyls, jewellery, toys and lots more. The class also created their own avatar character online with all 1960s clothes. If they would like to have a go at home, the website is www.avachara.com. They also got to listen to and learn some classic Beach Boys music with Mr. Benson.


This week we have been talking about going on a journey and how we would get there. On Friday, we looked at four different pictures of places from around the world; a busy city, a farm, a jungle and a city skyline. We decided which one we would like to visit and planned a journey there and back. The class also created freeze frame pictures of what they thought the people in their picture might be doing. Yasseen, Fathi and Abigail said they were in a traffic jam. They are the most polite and patient traffic jam I have ever seen!

Year Two have also been on there first Forest School lesson with Mr. Holland. They got to make pictures and patterns from the leaves and plants they could find around the church gardens. They came up with some lovely designs.


In maths, we have been doing lots of counting forwards and backwards in 2, 5 and 10. Some of the class were doing so well, they moved onto counting by 3. Mr. Sparks was very impressed! They have all worked really hard.

Next week we will be talking about major events in the 1960, working in tens and units and also planning our next big journey.