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Gentle Giraffes

Reception this week have explored the story Giraffes Can’t Dance, a tale of Gerald the Giraffe who believes he can’t dance until he finds the music he can dance to. They discussed how Gerald might have felt when the other animals laughed at him and what they could do to be a good friend. The children then considered how they can be a good friend in school including helping each other, listening and kind hands and feet. Following on from this Reception class also created their Golden Rules for the classroom. They have created a story map to retell the story, painted Giraffes, counted the animals, matching amounts to a number and performed their own animal dances.

Fantastic fun in PE was also had with Miss Valentine, playing parachute games. Please make sure all items of clothes and shoes are labelled and that they practise getting dressed and undressed independently.

The children have also had a fantastic start to their phonics journey, learning m (Maisy Mountain, Mountain), a (around the apple and down the leaf) and s (slither down the snake). The children will receive a sound sheet every time they learn a new sound. Please encourage them to have a go at mark-making and reading sounds they might see on signs and labels. They have also enjoyed sharing their picture books using story language to retell them.

A fantastic first full week of school, well done.

The EYFS Team

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