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Fizzing Fireworks and Brilliant Bonfires

This week has seen the children explore celebrations starting with Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. The children learned the story of Rama and Sita as well as customs and traditions such as creating rangoli patterns and clay diya’s, with some children sharing their own experiences of the celebration. Reception kickstarted November the 5th with their very own Bonfire experience. They created firework rockets focusing on folding and joining materials, the children made their own bonfire apples and wrote onomatopoeia words to describe a firework in a poem. The children discovered why Guy Fawkes was important in history and how this influenced Bonfire night.

In maths the children created shape rangoli patterns and consolidated their counting skills.

Re introduced a new bible story to the children, David and Goliath. They considered in what ways does God show strength and how they David’s faith in God made him stronger than Goliath.

The children loved watching English Touring Opera’s performance of Laika, the Space Dog.

The children in Phonics have learned the last few sounds in set 1, the children over the next few weeks will be consolidating these sounds and applying this knowledge when blending to read before moving on to set 2. For homework the children have been given some words, green words (real and nonsense/monster words) they can fred-talk (decode) and red words. Please encourage your child to read and write these at home and reading their book daily will really support their learning.

A brilliant week of learning, well done.

The EYFS Team.

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