Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Finding Balance

A mysterious, yet very exciting, message appeared in our class this week. Mr. Sparks had a letter saying that we were going to be getting an Elf on the Shelf and this week we got our first message from our cheeky elf. He said he was very excited to come and meet us all, and not to be worried because he isn’t scary, just a bit cheeky. We’re all looking forward to meeting him when he arrives.

In out topic this week, we have been comparing planes from the past and present. We read some information about the Wright Brothers first plane and some facts about modern planes so we could compare. We decided the big difference was the materials that they were made from, as the Wright Brothers plane was mainly wooden and modern planes are special materials designed just for planes, like super light metals and carbon fibre.

Maths, as is life, is all about balance. We wanted to make sure both sides of our scales were equal so we could see that our sums were working out. Mr. Sparks demonstrated using some scales and then we got to try them out using the resources in our class. We then wrote down out calculations to show what we had learned.

In our P.E. lesson, we have been learning different basketball skills, like a chest pass, bounce pass and dribbling. We then did some shooting practice into a hoola-hoop to see if we could be accurate with our passing.

Some people are so possessive! Mr. Sparks’ shoes, Mrs. Broster’s dress, Year Two’s English work! We have been looking at a picture from our story and using it to help us understand how to use possessive apostrophes. We use the apostrophe to show it belongs to someone. We also talked about other time we use apostrophes, like when you miss out a letter, eg: Cannot = can’t.

On Friday afternoon, Year One and Two got to visit St. John’s church and talk with Reverend Chesters about the history of the Bible. Both classes asked very interesting questions and learned a lot about the history of the Bible.

Our reading corner is becoming a favourite for Year Two. We are always looking for new books, so if anyone has any suggestions let us know!

We have been rehearsing really hard for our Christmas show and are really looking forward to the big performance. The songs sound incredible (fair warning, you will cry!). This next week will be even busier and we are hoping to bring a lot of the props and costumes into the practices. All of Key Stage One are asking that parents provide their child’s costume. Mr. Sparks will send out a complete list of what the children will need, but would really appreciate your support with this as Christmas is a manic time of year in school.

Next week is going to be very exciting in Year Two. On Monday, we have Christmas jumper day. Please bring a donation for the tombola as payment for wearing your jumper. We have a hamper at the front of class that we are hoping to fill to the top. On Thursday, we have the Multi Skills Festival at Ellesmere Port. Year Two, alongside several other schools, will be learning different skills throughout the afternoon to help them in different sports.