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Edwardian day in year 5

This week has been a busy one, in Maths we have continued with shape and translation exploring four quadrants. Whilst Literacy we have been gathering skills and facts for our articles for the school magazine based on the Edwardian era.

On Friday the children experienced an Edwardian Day, the children attended school in monochrome colours. They were greeted by myself in period school teacher costume, the children were escorted into school after checking hands were clean.

During the morning the boys did arithmetic and technical drawing. The boys practised times tables and sometimes needed to complete lines for talking in class. The girls did weight in maths in preparation for baking cakes for lunch.

The children then had lunch together, Campbell’s tomato soup with crusty bread. Then they enjoyed tasting syrup and black treacle. We all ate the cakes made by the girls, it was delicious.

The afternoon consisted of reading and sewing, the boys mastered basic cross stich and the girls were using different materials when making an Edwardian outfit.

Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Foulkes