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Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

This week Year 1 have worked incredibly hard to develop their writing skills .  Following some sentence sequencing activities the children wrote a description about the witch and Rapunzel using adjectives and noun phrases. The children were able to confidently describe how the characters were feeling on the inside and how they looked on the outside.  The children then went on to write a recipe for Troll soup which included fluffy foxes, dirty toe nails, slimy frogs and bones. Next week  we will move on to planning, drafting and editing a narrative.

In Phonics the children have been learning the ‘o-e’ sound. Homework will provide further practise of this sound. Remember ‘Phone home!’

In Maths the children have been comparing objects and numbers using the equals to, greater than and less than signs (= >  <) and using ordinal numbers.

In RE the children listened to and wrote about The parable of the Two Builders.  The children then enjoyed creating the two houses from the parable using a variety of materials.

On Friday the children wore an item of yellow  and completed some well-being activites to recognise Mental Health Awareness Day. They discussed healthy eating, exercise, feelings and emotions. The children created a class flower displaying all the people they can talk to if they are feeling worried or sad.

Have a peaceful weekend.

The Year One Team.