Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

We are living through an unprecedented event; an event that is shaping your children’s futures in ways we cannot even begin to predict. What we do know, is that we have to ensure that your children continue to flourish educationally and emotionally.


The quote above, from Theodore Roosevelt – 26th President of the United States (1901-1909) really does describe how Y6 have taken to their home schooling over the last two weeks. It has made me so proud to see how they have adapted to and excelled in their new role as independent home learners.


A typical year 6 day has included: English activities, maths activities, and a mixture of fun hands on activities, including creative, imaginative or physical challenges.  In addition the children have also started work on an Olympics project, which has included scientific, geographical, historical, and creative tasks. All activities have been designed to encourage self-reliance and decision making.


Thank you for supporting your children’s with their home learning – you have also adapted to and excelled at your new role as home educators. Your ongoing support and messages have made my job of coordinating their daily tasks so much easier.  The quality of the work being produced by the children has been fantastic and everyone is managing to complete most of the activities set each day. Working together as a resilient team, as we have done since your children joined Y6 in September, we will come through this together stronger and well prepared for what the future holds.


Easter homework was sent out on the DAY 10 sheet that was emailed on Friday 03/04/20. This homework includes 10 minutes of maths, reading and SPaG over 10 days and the completion of the Timed Activity Booklet plus a choice of independent challenge task from the English Booklet. All these activities can be found in the home schooling learning pack sent home with the children.

If you need to contact for me for any reason please email via the year6@grosvenorparkacademy.org.uk address.

I hope you all have a really safe, fun packed next couple of weeks.

Missing you all

Mrs C x


Extra homework Challenge – Theodore Roosevelt was president of the U.S.A over 100 years ago. He accomplished a great deal during his presidency. Your task is to research him and create a fact file about him, detailing his legacy. (If you don’t know what the term legacy means I would start by finding that out first) I look forward to seeing your fact-files.