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Dismayed, Perplexed and Baffled!

Another lovely week in Year 2!


This week we have been working really hard on our numbers bonds to 10 and 20. Some children have worked so well that they have been working on their bonds to 50 and 100! We have been using all the resources in class to help us solve some of the addition and subtraction sums. We have been using the ‘bar model’ to help us understand that you can add numbers in any order but you need to start with the bigger number for subtraction.

Mr. Sparks tried to flummox the class by thinking of a number in his head and only giving three clue to try find it, but the class worked together and found the answer. You can’t trick us Mr. Sparks! The class have worked really hard all week.

In English, we have been looking at some complex new vocabulary like ‘perplexed’, ‘baffled’ and ‘dismayed’. We looked up the definition of the words, drew pictures to help us understand what the words meant and then we put these words in sentences. We also did the same with some unusual phrases from our book, which was lots of fun. One of our favourites by Sebastian was ‘Miss Boynton fell over in the yard and Mr. Sparks poked fun at her!’.

Mr. Sparks would never do such a thing!

In science, we have been looking at what friction is useful for and when we need to reduce it. We have looked at different materials and which would be the best to use for tyres and the bottom of shoes. We decided that if the material has little bumps, it helps create more friction.


Monday was a special day as it was Remembrance Day. At 11am, the whole school fell silent for two minutes in respect for all of those servicemen and women who have served their country to protect our freedom. Year Two made some beautiful poppy wreaths that are currently displayed in the school hall for all to see. Mr. Sparks was very proud of the children’s efforts and it showed how much they understand about this important day.

On Friday, Mr. Sparks started seeing spots (old age!). Everywhere he looked, the children were covered in spots. Even his t-shirt went spotty! The children have learned what Children In Need is all about and how they are supporting children across the country.

Next week, we will be continuing learning about addition and subtraction, using suffixes and prefixes and how transport has changed over time.