Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Designing our own books, all thanks to Bishops High.


This week year 5 have been identifying the features of explanation text, they have used a question as a title. They have compared and contrasted explanation text and instruction text showing the differences. We have annotated technical language, casual conjunctions and adverbials time connectives and adverbials of time.


The children have been multiplying a two-digit number by another two-digit number using the grid method. This starts with a number sentence: 38 x 62 =

Also investigating the inverse division with a remainder.

‘I really enjoyed learning new methods to answer complex division sentences during our maths lessons, and in our SODA activities, we were all pushed passed our limits to answer fraction and percentage quizzes.’ Aine


In PE, we enjoyed a child led keep fit session in the school hall. The children were separated into groups and designed their own fitness stations. After a short time, we took turns testing each other’s stations. ‘I achieved more than I signed up for. I love being pushed to my limits and we finished with some mindfulness relaxation at the very end.’  Seth.

This week we had year 10 students from Bishops high visit our class. They gave the children a questionnaire to complete in order for their pupils to write a personalised story. This will be written on world book day. ‘I enjoyed having these visitors in and I especially like the fact that I would get my own book written!’ Alex

Have a great weekend

Mrs Foulkes