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Definitely Delightful…Dodgeball!

During another busy week at school, we found ourselves asking each other some very intriguing questions about our new topic. What was life like in Roman Chester? Why was the Roman army so dominant? What kind of hairstyles did the Romans like? Did they really eat dormice dipped in honey? Did they also eat…peacocks?! Well, I’m certainly looking forward to answering most of these questions! As part of our learning, we have also started to practise our new song about Roman life and look forward to performing it in assembly later this term.

Children have been working on a news report this week in English – in the context of our book Varjak Paw – and will be performing these early next week. If you have a moment, try watching Newsround for some extra tips on how newsreaders act when delivering reports on television, to extend what we have already learnt so far. In PE, we have been playing dodgeball together for the first time. As the photos show, the children have picked it up very quickly so far – well done!!

In maths, we have been working on decimals and will soon be moving on to Roman numerals. In French, we have been learning how to ask for food, especially fruit and vegetables (carottes) using the sentence starter, ‘Je voudrais…’  Our homework this week therefore links to much of this learning; thanks again for your encouragement at home for this to be completed.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Lee

PS – House Points for all those who tell me the secret word hidden in this blog when I see you on Monday.