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Dancing Diva’s

Party planning and preparation has been a key part of the children’s learning this week as they wanted to host a party to thank Gerald the giraffe for teaching us that we just need to find the music we can dance to – that we should always try our best, not give up and recognise that we all have special talents that are unique to us.

The children wrote invitations to a classmate and the team were so proud of the well thought out and considerate reasons they chose to invite them. The children made very special giraffe crowns which they wore proudly at their party and no event is complete without some much needed party food. The children learned how to create repeating patterns using threading beads before applying this knowledge when making giraffe inspired fruit kebabs with a repeating pattern.

The postman also delivered some unexpected parcels this week which the children enjoyed using their senses to think of adjectives to describe. The children used brilliant vocabulary including strong, small, large and heavy. Before opening their gifts the children listened to the story Dear Zoo. They were thrilled to find out that their parcels were in fact the animals from the story. They then wrote descriptive labels to describe one of the animals.

In RE the children have learned more about good news and created beautiful crosses for our reflection tree.

A great week of learning, well done.

The EYFS Team

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