Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Cracking codes to solve the SPag Bol mystery…


We have had fun with SPaG this week, cracking the codes to solve the murder at the SPaG Bol. We have used apostrophes for possession, insert the missing commas, changing the verb to past tense, correcting spelling errors and locating nouns within the text.


This week we have multiplied fractions with whole numbers, revised metric units of weight, capacity and length, and understand that we can measure in imperial units and relate these to their instances in daily life. We’ve completed end of spring term test.

On Wednesday afternoon we did the golden mile with year one, and created PowerPoints about the phases of the moon.

We ended the week making cakes, and decorating with icing. We enjoyed a celebration assembly where we discussed mother’s day and how important they really are, (expect a hug mums) we sang ‘my mums one in a million’

Swimming was fun week where the children played games and collected sinkers from the bottom of the pool. We also practised our diving skills.

Happy Mothers Day Year 5 mums

Have a lovely break

Mrs Foulkes