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Christmas Countdown

This week the children have started their learning journey of Christmas around the world, focusing on Russia and Ukraine, the children particularly loved learning about The Legend of the Christmas Spider, an Eastern European folktale which explains the origin of tinsel on Christmas trees. The children discovered the spider and her web in our tuff tray before learning the story and acting it out. The children also shared their own family customs and traditions in relation to Christmas dinner and wrote their own christmas menu. Some of the children applied this knowledge by setting up a christmas meal in their child-initiated learning. The children also received a very special parcel from Father Christmas himself, our class Elf, we hope he will be very proud of the children’s behaviour and efforts in their learning and encourage them to write their letters to Father Christmas.

In maths the children have continued to develop their addition skills through the story One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab, combining different amounts of animal legs pictorially.

The children continued their ditties in phonics, developing their reading and writing skills as well as consolidating their knowledge of sounds and applying this to words independently.

RE has focused on the Christmas Story, learning about the origins of the Christian celebration of Christmas.

A fantastic week of learning, well done Reception.

The EYFS Team

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