Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Chocolate, Chocolate and even more Chocolate!




Year 2 had an amazing day on Wednesday working with Mr and Mrs Hopkins! The children produced some fabulous pieces of writing linked to Charlie and the Chocolate factory and were interviewed by Mr Hopkins for a job in the chocolate factory. The children enjoyed looking at lots of different artefacts form the 1970s and were totally amazed by some of  Mrs Hopkin’s facts about chocolate!

The children danced, read books, performed Farah poems and tasted different types of chocolate. They learnt about Fair trade and how to make chocolate cakes. The children discussed a variety of chocolate wrappers and television adverts from the past. It was a really interesting day! See twitter for more pictures.

Bobby “I really liked the chocolate from America because it was really sweet!”

Harvey “I quite liked the truffle from France but it was very sweet and rich!”

This week the children have been swimming, practising their song for Summer Nights and practising for sports day. They have worked with Mr Benson to begin investigating plant growth and have met their new teacher. The children loved working with Mrs Gill and are all really excited about moving up to Key Stage 2! Some children represented our school at the Athletics tournament and I believe they made us all very proud. Well done to everyone involved!

Aphra “I am going to miss my year 2 teacher but I am looking forward to going to Year 3”.

Joel “I am excited about being a junior boy because the juniors go on longer residential trips!”

Alex ” I feel really excited about moving to Year 3 because I want to learn even more things”.

Bailey “I am nervous and excited at the same time. I will miss Miss Mercer next year!”.

I have seen more towers this week and I absolutely thrilled with the effort the children have put into making these. Next week we are going to be presenting them to the class and testing to see which ones will survive an earthquake! This week there is no homework. Who can find the secret word? It is the surname of a famous distance runner!