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Busy Bees!

Another busy week in Year 1!

In Literacy we have been reading Where the Wild Things are and highlighting interesting words. Year 1 have been using the following words in their writing:

gnashed, tamed, rumpus, supper, vines, mischief, wild and cried. I have been really impressed with their enthusiasm and effort with their writing this week. Please ask your children  if they can remember what an adjective and a noun is.

Tom “The story is great. I like it because Max has a dream and his bedroom turns into a forest”.

Miss Bryan is also very impressed with the children’s phonics work and has seen a huge improvement in letter formation this week. Well done children!

In Maths we have been finding one less than a number. At the beginning of the week the children relied heavily on number lines and number squares to help them work out the answers but by the end of the week the children were able to work out some answers mentally. Today we started to write numbers less than, more than and equal to a given number/quantity. Homework will provide further practice.

In topic we have had some interesting discussions about The Beatles. Thank you so much to all of you who have brought in books and artefacts for the children to look at. Next week, Rector Chesters is visiting us and the children have all written down a question they want to ask him about The Beatles and life in the 1960s. Rector Chesters can’t wait to dress up in his 1960s clothes!

In Science we have been discussing and describing the properties of materials. I have asked the children which material they think would be best for making a boat for Max to travel on to where The Wild Things are. We will be investigating this over the next two weeks.

In Music we have been clapping a steady beat to a piece of music. We have started to learn the chorus to the song ‘Yellow Submarine’.






In RE the children have had lots of fun creating a collage of Good News.




In PE the children loved playing Capture the flag, a game which encourages team building. We are getting much quicker at getting changed! Please don’t forget PE kits on Monday.


Muhannad ” I love all the games in PE. They are fun!”


Next week we are going to start designing and making a musical instrument as the children want to be in a band like The Beatles. Please keep bringing in your junk!


Spellings and Homework have been stuck into Homework books. Please continue to read with your child at home. Homework needs to be handed in next Wednesday. Thank you.


Have a wonderful weekend!


The Year 1 team