Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Beginning our journey…

This half term, Westminster class are learning all about refugees through history – from Moses to Bob Marley and Freddie Mercury to Albert Einstein. This week, the class has been learning about the refugee artist Marc Chagall. They learned about when he left Russia to flee from being persecuted due to being Jewish. He is famous for being one of the first to develop the ‘modernism’ style of painting. He is also famous for created fantastic stain glass windows for churches all around Europe. The class designed and made their own stain glass windows out of black paper and tissue paper.

In Maths, Westminster have been developing mental strategies to add 3 and 4-digit numbers along with learning more formal written methods. They have learned about exchanging and the rules behind all of the calculations.

In English, Westminster are reading the beautiful book by Francesca Sanna ‘Journey’, which tells the tale of a mother who is fleeing her war-torn country to save her two children. The class have looked at key words and the style of illustration to determine how the author wants us to feel as we read the book.

In Science, the class have been learning about animal habitats and how certain animals (camels can close their nostrils!) have adapted to survive and thrive in their environment.

Westminster class are working very hard and are excited to learn more about refugees and are very excited to start thinking about Christmas shows!