Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Bears & Bridges

This week in Year 1…


We have been learning about place value and adding tens and ones. Each group has played our ‘Snail One Hundred’ game that helped them understand how tens and ones work (it was fun too!). We have also been using lots of different resources to show our numbers, such as numicon, multi-link, counters, rods and number cards. We have enjoyed showing our numbers in lots of different ways.



This week we have been using some of our fantastic describing language to explain the actions and feelings of the Three Bears and Goldilocks. We created a spidergramme with describing words about each character and some of the objects in the story. We also described a scene from the story using our excellent describing language.



We have been learning about the weather. Mr. Sparks hopes it will be le soleil for the Easter holidays!



We have been learning about how important the rainforest is to the planet, the animals, bugs and birds that live there and the threat that they are all under through deforestation. We were shown the facts about the rainforest and how important it is not only to the country it is in, but the whole world. We created posters encouraging people to stop cutting the rainforest, stop using some materials produced there and give some information about the animals and plant life that are there.



Mr. Sparks got a little confused this week and kept making silly noises in our phonics lessons. He completely forgot how to say all of the alphabet and our sounds, so we had to help him. We made sure he knew how to say each sound and thought of words that had that sound in them.


As part of our topic of fairy tales, last week we learned about the Three Billy Goats. Last week we spoke about bridges, how they work and then designed our own. This week, we built our bridges! We tested them with one of Mr. Sparks’ heavy books to see how strong they were. It was messy, but lots of fun!


Next term…

Our topic is all about ‘Explorers & Journeys’. We will be going under the sea, into space and to the top of the highest mountains. We will be making rockets and boats, learning about Vincent Van Gogh and Hokusai, learning about famous explorers and going on lots of adventures!