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Back in time with Reception

This week in Reception we started our journey back to Edwardian times. On Monday, we began this mini two week topic by visiting Grosvenor Museum for a fun morning of activities. The workshop involved us exploring the differences between life in Edwardian times and modern day. The children were split into two groups, with one group going around the museum comparing modern day household items and clothes to items and clothes worn in the Edwardian times, and the other group completing a carousel of activities. The activities involved dressing up, comparing objects, playing with Edwardian toys and washing clothes using a tub. We all had a fantastic time and got back to school before the rain started!
Next week we are going to be celebrating the coronation of Edward VII on Thursday 20th. Throughout the week we will be making crowns, choosing our very own King Edward VII, preparing for our party and learning the National Anthem. On this day your child may come to school in their party clothes.
The homework this week is linked to our Edwardian topic. Please can you support your child in drawing the equivalent household items from modern day.

This week in Forest School the children learnt about the ages of trees and how you can tell this. They all drew some fantastic drawings of tree trunks and counted how many rings the trunks had got.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend!

The Reception Class Team