Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

Author visit and lots of fun outdoors!


Year 2  have had a wonderful week! We were so excited to meet Bethan Woolvin who wrote ‘Rapunzel’. She told us all about why she became an author and illustrator. The children enjoyed taking part in various activities including making characters from books, drawing characters from Rapunzel and creating a 3D forest.

Emily A ” Bethan is a talented artist. I  was amazed by her drawing skills!”

Joseph ” I thought she was very young to be an author and illustrator but she created fantastic characters!”

Jasper ” She is really kind. I am a big fan of her!”

On Tuesday we went on a Brake’s walk to promote road safety. The children were extremely sensible and remembered to look both ways before crossing a road. The weather was beautiful and it was lovely to see the Year 2 children mixing with the older children. We had the privilege of waking with the wonderful year 4s.

Alex ” I enjoyed the Brake walk because I saw beautiful trees and flowers. It was nice chatting to my year 4 partner”.

Bailey ” We saw nature. It was lovely to be outside with my year 2 and 4 friends”.

Lexie “The walk was amazing. I heard birds singing and I felt safe because a PCSO walked with us and showed us how to be safe”.

On Thursday we went on a summer walk to Grosvenor Park where we made note of all the things we could see, smell, hear and touch. The children discussed how the park looks now and how it looked in the autumn. We discussed plants and animals and the children are looking forwards to planting seeds next week.

In Literacy, we have been reading spells from a spell book, writing descriptions of towers and using the internet to search for find synonyms to make are writing more interesting.

In Maths we have been measuring hair. The children have been able to convert centimeters into meters and millimeters. A huge thank you to Aphra for bringing in Rapunzel’s hair!

In Music we have been practising Consider Yourself in preparation for our concert Summer Nights. The children are so confident now!

Homework this week is to continue making your towers. I have already seen some absolutely amazing towers made out of lego, lolly pop sticks and feathers!

I look forward to seeing you all at the Summer Fayre tomorrow!