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All Creatures Great and Small

This week the children’s passion for animals has developed into how to take care of them and they considered the wants and needs of animals. This led to the children inquiring about the role of a vet and how they care for animals.

In literacy the children incorporated their knowledge of animals and the alphabet to create their very own encyclopaedia of animals.

In maths the children learned about data handling and were asked to find out which zoo animal was their favourite. They created bar charts practically to show the information and discussed most popular and least popular,  not surprisingly, Elephants were the most popular. They also used positional language to move the animals.

In RE the children have continued to learn more about their class parable The Good Samaritan. The children reflected on the story and shared why it is important to help everyone and to treat others as we would want to be treated. They completed a beautiful piece of art to show how helping others is an important Christian value.

Mental well-being has also been of central importance this week with World Mental Health Day on Wednesday 10th. The children focused on how our words can impact on others. They discussed how the apples looked exactly the same on the outside, however the children were saddened to see that the ‘bad words’ apple had turned brown. The children also practised mindfulness, yoga and learned breathing techniques such as bubble breathing and hot chocolate breathing.

A brilliant week of learning, well done Reception!

The EYFS Team

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