Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP

A Week of Wows!

Considering that this has only been a four-day week, Year Two have really packed in some brilliant work! Just imagine what we could do with five days?!


To begin our week, on Tuesday the class got to take part in an amazing afternoon of having their hair transported back to the 1960s by one of our talented parents. The children were given the chance to have their hair styled in a 1960s fashion. There were beehives, bobs, high hair, back-combing, slicked back, popped up – all sorts! The children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and were able to gain a hands on experience of the 1960s.



During our R.E. lesson a few weeks ago, the class learned about the story of the Good Samaritan. We spoke about the good act that the Samaritan did and thought of ways we could do something for those around us who need help or cheering up. The class decided that they wanted to write cards to people who were in hospital to wish them well. The class spent the afternoon making sure their cards were bright, cheery and had a positive message in them. Luckily, one the parents in our class is a doctor at the Maelor Hospital in Wrexham and offered to take the cards to some of the patients.

On Thursday, we received an envelope filled with a lovely surprise. It had three handwritten thank you notes from patients of the Surgical Assessment Unit in the Maelor, pictures of the hardworking staff with our cards and a letter written by the head of the ward thanking the class for the cards.

To say the class were excited is an understatement! It was so nice to see that the class’ kind words had a positive impact on people who were ill and struggling. These will be going up on a display in school along with other kind acts that the children of our school have done. Mr. Sparks is extremely proud of his class and was very touched by the response of the Maelor.


Along with all that exciting work, this week Year Two have shown what wonderful writers they are. We have been learning how to use conjunctions in our writing to extend our sentences and make them more interesting. Mr. Sparks kept writing boring sentences, so the had to help him by making them more interesting by adding adjectives and conjunctions. Mr. Sparks was blown away by the descriptive language the class have used, such as: thunderous, deafening, ginormous and vast.


The class haven’t slowed down in maths either! They have worked so hard ordering number from smallest to largest and vice versa. Mr. Sparks thought he was being clever and gave the class some really tricky ones, but they worked really hard, even when it was difficult, and showed what great mathematicians they are.


Next week is going to be very arty as we are learning about Andy Warhol and preparing a piece to be displayed in the Town Hall for the 150th anniversary, so be prepared for a full gallery experience