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A week in year 3

As usual, we have had a busy week in year three. We have spent a Night in the Museum, produced a class timeline and investigated the amount of sugar in fizzy drinks.

The blog this week has been written by Emily A, Ellis and Bailey, they would like to tell you all about the best bits of their week.

We are at this point walking down the stairs after we had just had an English lesson at Grosvenor Museum! During the English lesson we looked at some pictures from our book ‘Seen and not Heard’. In the English lesson we looked at creepy pictures on the walls of the art gallery and wrote what we thought they might be about.

Us talking about the creepy pictures in our museum sleepover and writing ideas what we thought if they were. Bailey and Lydia were scared because they thought the pictures were going to come alive.

We went downstairs to see a Victorian parlor and kitchen. When we went into the kitchen we saw two ladies, still as a statues. Suddenly, one of them turned around and freaked us all out. It was Mrs Cowley. She was an excellent Victorian maid, but we all thought she was a statue.

After our fright in the Victorian kitchen, we did some activities with the ladies from Grosvenor Museum. Liz and Lucy showed us how to make Victorian style top hats, we did some dressing up and had a look at some Victorian toys.